Our Story

Quesnel Veterinary Clinic has been established in the community for over 50 years. It was the first veterinary practice to open in Quesnel. Dr. John Wilson was raised in Nova Scotia. He graduated from Ontario Veterinary Collage, in the spring of 1967. That same year the Quesnel Cattlemen’s Association convinced the provincial government to fund a subsidized practice in Quesnel, as there were no veterinary services available. This created an ideal opportunity for a young graduate to seize upon and head for one of the last frontiers. The last 50 years are filled with great memories, and humbling experiences. The clinic may have changed since then, but, as Dr. John steps back toward retirement, he is proud to watch Quesnel Vet Clinic strongly move into the future.


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These sisters are well known at QVC. Chances are they have answered your questions, solved your predicaments, and supported you through tough decisions. Laura Wilson, and Susan Koster have worked at QVC for over 30 years. They have seen the clinic and its clients through staff turnover, economic down turns, BSE crisis, and many more ups and downs. They have come to be trusted by many as familiar faces at the clinic. Quesnel Vet Clinic is very lucky to have these two women heading into the future. They have stuck it out over the many years, providing wisdom and encouragement to the next generation.